I switched from Windows to MAC back in 2009. It was the best decision I ever made. Yes, it took a while to get accustomed to. Yes, it does cost more. However, the old days of not being able to find compatible software are long over. All major companies create MAC compatible software.

The main selling points are – stability, ease of use, virus resistant, faster, updates to the operating system are free and when the operating system updates you will not be lost!

The main things to know with MAC are these:
1. Programs are downloaded in .dmg format rather than .exe for Windows.
2. Programs are called Applications. Starting a program is done with a single click. Opening files is the same as Windows, use a double click on a file and it will open the program associated with it.
3. In the upper left corner of every program window there are 3 buttons, Red, Yellow and Gree. Red shuts down that window but not the program, Yellow collapses the program window, Green makes the program go to Full Screen.
4. Instead of the Ctrl key use either the Command key or if using a Windows keyboard use the key with the Windows icon as the Command key. For example pasting text is Command V and Windows is Control V. The letters stay the same, it is just the Command key that is different. That is why I’m always messing up when working with Windows users on TeamViewer.
5. There is no Ctrl Alt Del to bring up and end programs that have locked up. The good thing is you never lose control over your desktop. At least I have not seen it in 5 years. There is only 1 program that I have ever seen go non-responsive and that is TeamViewer. To Quit a MAC program that is locked up Click Applications- Find the Folder that says Utilities – Click the Activity Monitor. Normally the unresponsive program will show up as red text. Click on it then click the X icon in the upper left then Force Quit.