Yahoo is the most often hacked free email system based on hacked emails we receive. Hotmail, Gmail, AOL and All others can be hacked easily if you are using an insecure password. The https:// in front means absolutely nothing when it comes to getting hacked. The thing that secures your email and websites is a strong password. Click here to see how strong your password is. When possible you should use 2FA which stands for 2 Factor Authorization. This can use your cell number, email address, or an app with a QR Code to access a website, etc. It can be a pain in the butt however, it is the most secure way currently to protect things.

One of the easiest ways to create a secure password is to use an old phone number like (212)Du6-3124 as it contains letters, numbers, and symbols. You can use dots, dashes between the number sets, or parenthesis around the area code. Don’t use your current phone number as someone could guess that. It would take 2 million years for a single computer to hack that password. The problem is hackers almost never use a single computer.