There is a bit of confusion many business owners encounter when they get a website.

A website consists of two main parts, the domain name, and the hosting. The domain name is like the mailbox in front of your residence. The hosting is the land on which your residence is built.

Almost all existing businesses have a website. Over time it is easy to forget the process you or a webmaster went through to purchase and set up the tools to create your website. Your webmaster may have done it all for you. If that is the case the webmaster may have moved on and you can no longer get in touch with him or her. Suddenly your website goes down and you have no clue how to fix it or who to contact. We can help prevent that from happening. Below are the elements you will need to gain control over.

  • A domain name is the web address you give people like YourBusinessName.com. Ours is LubyG.com. We use capital letters to make it easier to read and remember.  We do it in our short domain name to give it some pizazz. Domain names are inexpensive and are purchased for a minimum of 1 year up to 10 years maximum. Prices vary by provider and domain extensions like .com, .net, .org, .us etc. We provide domain names at our cost.
  • Hosting is the platform on which your website is built. There are many different types of hosting accounts and prices vary widely. It is like leasing special computer space on the web. cPanel is one of the more popular types. cPanel can be used as an individual account or it can be used for an entire server that can host many accounts or one very popular website. Most modern websites are now hosted in WordPress and may be best hosted on a Managed WordPress hosting platform. This provides better security and performance.

It is best to have both your domain name and your hosting account in the same place. There are several reasons for that. First, it makes it easier to keep track of things. Second, if things go wrong having things in one place reduces your frustration with who to contact. Since hosting and domains work together it will help track down the way to fix an issue if it arises by placing one phone call.

It is also best to be able to speak to a clear English speaking tech support representative. Things can get confusing when it comes to technology.  Being able to understand the person on the other end of the phone can be very frustrating if you do not speak the same language.

We also have a special offer for those willing to invest $40 per month. We will set your website up on a Managed WordPress system (up to 5 pages). Click here to purchase then use our Contact Page to connect with a website developer. You can do your own Wix.com website for $29 per month or have a professional site for $40 per month and help veterans!