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Multiple ways to handle your Workspace Email from LubyGHosting.com.

Note: If you need assistance we have All American 24/7 phone support at 480.624.2500. Have your Customer Number and PIN ready to save time. You many ways to setup your email outlined below using IMAPIt is best to use IMAP if using both Desktop and Mobile devices to view email. IMAP allows you to have the same emails on your Desktop PC or MAc, Mobile Device and Webmail Login area. Email is synchronized. If you delete it from one area it is deleted from other areas when the synchronization occurs.

Secure Email Login Link for online email from any computer.

Bookmark this Login web address.
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For Mobile Devices you have a few choices.

Setup with Workspace Mobile App from your app store – Free. The Workspace Mobile App is just like viewing email online. If you delete an email using the App the email will be deleted from the Desktop view.
Mobile Webmail Login Link
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Setup email on your Default SmartPhone email service. Devices vary so consult your SmartPhone provider or carrier.

Setup your Email to work with a Desktop email client

Click here for instructions. You will also find links for setting up with POP.