Here is an article from Pew Research on Twitter. It is detailed and goes into things you may not need to know. The bottom line is Twitter users are about 22% of the population and 10% of Twitter users account for 80% of Twitter posts. The median user tweets just twice each month, but a small cohort of extremely active Twitter users posts with much greater regularity.

The bottom line from my perspective is Twitter is almost useless when trying to reach a larger audience. While it is popular for people in some areas of interest (politics and Hollywood for example) it is not the greatest for reaching a broad market.

Most Popular

Pew also did a study into the most popular platforms for 2018, the last full year we can look at. It found that YouTube.com and Facebook.com lead the pack at around 70% of the market share. A large percentage of 18 to 24-year-olds use things like Snapchat and Instagram. They also visit these platforms several times per day. However, if your market is not the 18 to 24-year-old crowd you may be wasting valuable time working these platforms. Remember, it is all about ROI (return on investment). The younger demographic is not typically the group with the money to spend or the interest in what you may have to offer. YouTube.com is great but time-consuming. In addition, many people are not comfortable in front of the camera. If you are, it would be great if you created a YouTube.com channel for your business.

Despite using the various Social Media platforms for a broad range of reasons, just 3 percent of social media users say they have a lot of faith in the data they find on these sites. When it comes to business you should make sure the information you give is trustworthy. If posting a discount, sale or deal you should make sure it has a clear statement about limitations including any expiration date of the offer.


Timing can also be very important. People engage at various times of the day for various purposes on social media platforms. To complicate things these times differ somewhat with the platform. If you are posting for something like consumer goods here are a couple of examples. You will notice that Facebook has several high engagement days and times while there is one peak for Twitter (Sunday at 11 a.m.). See more at this web link.



There is much more to study about how to get the biggest bang for your buck or time. If you don’t have the time to do the research and post accordingly you can narrow your efforts. At this time the single best place to engage your audience on social media is Facebook. Of course, this can all change with time. The recent scandals that have plagued Facebook and Social media platforms are worth keeping an eye on. The tech world can change very quickly and you do not want to be behind your competitors.

It may be great if you can post to things like Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.  If you do not have a plan to easily distribute you can use WordPress as your website solution. In all the talk about Social Media, it is easy to forget the elephant in the room, Google. See this link. If you are not posting to your own website you are losing out on the largest part of your market.