Setting up SiteLock TrueShield on various domain providers differs in terminology. If you want to set up SiteLock with TrueShield properly on Enom follow these instructions. If your domain name is with us simply call Support to have them set it up for you.

Login to Enomcentral.com and click your domain name to edit.

Make sure you have selected Our Servers under the DNS Server Settings Tab and click Save. Use Manage Domain drop down menu.

DNS Server Settings SiteLock TrueShield

Next, select Host Records from the drop down menu. SiteLock will have given you 2 IP addresses. These are usually one number apart to help with load balancing. They also provide a CNAME record you must add.

Enom Host Records SiteLock TrueShield

If you are using a standard Cpanel system you must also set your email MX Record. Select Email Settings from the Manage Domain drop down menu. Add mail.yourdomain.com. using Pref 0 rather than the default 10. Substitute your domain name (.com, .net, .org etc) and DO NOT forget the period at the end.

Email SiteLock TrueShield Cpanel