We provide all types of web design and development including but not limited to Graphics, Content, SEO / SEM, Social Media Integration, Newsletters, Blogs, Subscription Features, Mobile aka Responsive Design, Database, HTML, PHP and SQL, Advertising on our directories and just about anything you can think of on the web.


LubyG owns 8 state wide business directories. Each state has varying prices based on the type of advertising you are looking for. Prices range from as little as $5 per month to several hundred dollars per month. Contact us for your state. We also own a national Golf Courses directory and some location specific directories along the East Coast.

Web Design & Upgrades

90% of the work we do is upgrading old websites to modern sites that you can control. They all include mobile sites that update with your main site automatically. If your site is not mobile aka responsive then you are losing customers. Prices range from $950 to thousands depending on your needs. Contact us for a quote. We are WordPress specialists.

Search Engine Optimization

One of our strongest talents is real SEO. This differs from SEM (search engine marketing) in that it happens naturally. By accessing your website we provide words that work and coding to make the search engines notice you above your competition. We also provide links to your site from systems with good page rank.

Search Engine Marketing

If you are looking to get found in a hurry for a specific search term then we suggest SEM. SEM is paying for links from the major search engines & other popular websites. You show up at the top when a person searches a key phrase. We even have do it yourself options for less than $10 per month for a user friendly interface and  you set your budget. Need someone to manage it for you? No problem. We do that as well.

Blogs & Social Media

We will even design your Facebook or Twitter business pages to work with  your website blog. It is as simple as sending an email. Imagine the time savings. Send one email and have the information Post to your website and all your popular business Social Media systems like Facebook, Twitter and even LinkedIn. People can also subscribe to your RSS feed which is automatically generated from your Blog.

Newsletters & Subscriptions

We can also provide you with Newsletters similar to Constant Contact for less. You can design and send yourself or have us help. Everything is tied to your budget. All our systems come with an optional Subscription feature. Unlike a Newsletter, anytime you post something to the Blog portion of your website people can opt to receive it in their email.


LubyG is committed to providing you with a wide range of hosting options. We provide the same options as larger companies like GoDaddy as well as personalized systems to meet your needs. Did you ever wonder what the difference is between cheap hosting and smallmedium and large business level hosting? Do you have questions about VPS, Dedicated servers and Cloud storage systems? We have the answers.

Staying on Top

We stay on top of the latest technology and techniques so you don’t have to. LubyG stands for Let Us Be Your Guide and we mean it. We will guide you through the maze of modern technology and let you focus on your business!