Quick answer for those familiar with phpMyAdmin. cPanel is most common so below is where to click to get to phpMyAdmin

Note: You must have another theme available in the wp-content/themes directory. Check the actual name of the theme using an FTP client or File Manager tool in the cPanel or Managed WordPress area. Try something like replacing otherthemename below with twentytwenty.

1. Log in to the phpMyAdmin that is tied to your WordPress database.

2. In the WordPress database, locate the wp_options table. Note: it usually shows only 25 rows at a time. You can increase this to 500 or Show All.

3. Select the template option, then change the value to “otherthemename”.

4. Select the stylesheet option, then change the value to “otherthemename”.

5. Select the current_theme option, then change the value to “otherthemename”.

Go back to your website and hit Refresh. You should now be fixed.

There are other ways to do this but typically a catastrophic failure will not work with that other method.

Need help doing this? Use our contact form. We will need access to your File Manager area and Database through phpMyAdmin.